Buying Your Ticket

Nowadays, there are so many ways to make sure you know when tickets go on sale. So, no need to miss out! From Ticketmaster’s social media channels, newsletters and blog to an artist’s Instagram account, make sure you are signed up to hear from your favourite venues and artists and you’ll always be aware of what’s coming up.

Tickets are available to purchase via our website – and our Ticketmaster apps.

When buying a ticket from our online channels, make sure your address and payment card details are up to date and you are logged into your Ticketmaster account before tickets go on sale.

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  • Standard Tickets

    The majority of tickets are Standard Tickets. These are sold at face value, at a price decided by the event organiser.

  • In Demand Tickets

    In Demand Tickets are dynamically-priced tickets. Based on demand the prices of these tickets may change. In Demand Tickets are not part of VIP packages – they are tickets only.

  • Resale Tickets

    Resale tickets are tickets sold by other fans, when they can no longer go to the show. Resale tickets on our website never cost more than what the original buyer paid for them and may sometimes be sold at less than that.

  • VIP Tickets

    Some artists offer VIP packages to their fans. From front-row seats to soundchecks and meet-and-greets, every package is tailored according to the artist’s wishes, offering a unique and memorable experience.


Collector Tickets

These are souvenir tickets you wear around your neck on a lanyard. They’re customised for the show with the tour poster and double up as your actual ticket which is scanned as you enter the venue.

Mobile Tickets

Mobile tickets are downloaded directly to your phone. No more fumbling about for paper tickets or PDF print-outs. And if you’ve bought tickets for friends and family, you can quickly and easily transfer their tickets to them. If you can no longer go, you can simply sell them on Ticketmaster’s fan-to-fan ticket exchange, making your money back whilst making another fan’s night*

*Ticket Transfer and Ticket Exchange are available on most but not all events.

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How do I find out about a show?

Make sure you’re signed up to receive our weekly TicketAlert newsletter which will give you the latest information on what’s happening in your area. Our social media channels are updated daily with the latest announcements, and our blog is filled with tips and advice on how to get tickets to your favourite shows.

We also recommend you follow your favourite artists on all their official social accounts like Twitter and Instagram and you can also sign up to your local venue’s official newsletter to cover all bases.

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