Fees Explained

When you buy a ticket with us, the price you’ll pay includes a service charge on top of the face value of the ticket. A facility fee or restoration levy may also be applied by the venue. Our service charge covers the cost of running our business. We use this revenue to provide you with the very best experience when buying tickets and getting into the show.

The total price of a ticket is made up of a face value and fees

Face value Fees

The face value of a ticket covers the EVENT ORGANISER’s costs for:

  • Paying the artist
  • Hiring the venue
  • Running the tour
  • Marketing the show
  • Insuring the event

The fees Ticketmaster takes go towards many costs including giving our fans a quick and secure ticket buying experience

  • Secure ticket scanning & venue access
  • Websites & apps
  • Payment provider costs
  • Staffing costs
  • Box office equipment
  • Fulfillment
  • Customer
  • Offices running costs
  • Security technology

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How is the face value of a ticket decided?

Ticketmaster has no say on the face value price of a ticket. That is decided by the event organiser.

Who sets the service charge?

Ticketmaster has a standard service charge table to calculate service charge for tickets that has been agreed in advance with all of our ticket partners.

What is a facility fee / restoration levy?

Occasionally there may be a facility fee or restoration levy applied to your ticket. This is set by the venue and we send the fees directly to them. Venues are extremely costly to run and maintain and these fees go towards providing a top class venue for your event.

Why is a service charge added?

We need to cover our costs so we can keep delivering the best possible service to you. Running our sites and apps, equipping box offices with secure ticket scanners, fighting bots with the latest security technology and maintaining our award-winning customer service all costs money.

Why am I sometimes charged for delivery of my tickets?

For the vast majority of our events, we offer options for ticket delivery that are free of charge. However, for certain ticket types such as Collector Tickets or for certain events where tickets cannot be be replaced we only offer a secure, paid method of delivery option during purchase.

Are there costs involved when I sell my ticket using fan-to-fan Ticket Exchange?

A 15% service charge inclusive of VAT plus £/€2.50 flat delivery charge applies to tickets purchased using fan-to-fan Ticket Exchange. There is no charge to list your tickets for sale.

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