At Ticketmaster, our sole purpose is to make sure you get tickets to the events you love. It is our partners, known here as “Event Organisers” who organise these events. When they have an event to go on sale, they let us know and then tell us how many tickets we will have available to sell. Artists, venues, promoters and teams often hold their own presales prior to tickets being released for general onsale.

The Event Organisers also tell us how and when we can sell those tickets. If that includes selling some tickets to a group of fans before they go on general sale, then that is a “presale”.

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How does a “presale” work?

Officially, a “presale” is a specific period of time to buy tickets before anyone else can. These tickets are usually accessed with an exclusive code that you get ahead of time. Not every show has a presale. It’s up to the event organiser, venue, team or artist to decide if they want one.

How do I get access to a presale?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be best friends with your favourite artist to get access to a presale. All you need to do is to look out for official announcements, newsletters and social media posts from Ticketmaster, the artist, the promoter and the venue.

What happens if I don’t get access to a presale?

Usually, only a limited number of tickets are released in each presale so you will get another chance when the rest of the tickets are released for general onsale.

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