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We have the world’s leading technology, and the smartest people protecting our systems from bad actors or bots trying to jump the queue. We hate bots. And by bots we mean those unfair computer programs that try to scoop up the best tickets to resell them at inflated prices. They exist and we are 100% committed to beating them. We weed bots out before tickets go on sale with programs like Verified Fan where only the likes of you, the fan, get to buy tickets.

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What exactly is Verified Fan?

Verified Fan keeps bots out and makes sure that only you, the fan, can buy tickets. Once you’ve registered, your profile is checked to ensure you’re not a bot and, depending on availability, we’ll send you a code to access the Verified Fan presale. Some of the biggest artists in the world have used this technology with great success, such as U2, P!nk, Harry Styles and many, many more.

What else does Ticketmaster do to fight bots?

Bots present a huge problem for all websites around the world. We’re constantly blocking billions of bots trying to buy tickets unfairly.

You might remember that annoying but necessary ‘captcha’ on our checkout pages. Well, now we have improved software so that when you go to checkout, our system automatically determines that you are a fan and not a bot.

What does Ticketmaster do when really big artists go on sale?

With over 20+ years’ experience of working with the biggest artists in the world, we know how to prepare for these moments. We have teams working as hard as they can to make sure that your only concern is making sure your payment and account details are up to date.

Our websites handle whatever traffic comes their way. Our systems enforce ticket limits set by the aritst and our customer service teams are always on hand to answer any queries you have however you choose to contact them.

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