How To Sell Your Ticket

It’s happened to us all. You have tickets you can’t use, and you can’t get a refund. Thankfully we’ve made it super easy for you to sell them to another fan directly within your Ticketmaster account with our fan-to-fan Ticket Exchange*. Simply select ‘Sell’ and follow the steps.

  1. Login to your Ticketmaster Account.
  2. Find the ticket (or tickets) you no longer need.
  3. Hit ‘Sell’.
  4. Set the price.
  5. Confirm.

And that’s it! Your tickets will then be listed directly on Ticketmaster. You’ll get notified when they’re sold, and you’ll get paid after the show.

What happens if my ticket doesn’t sell?
Any tickets that don’t sell remain yours to use as you wish.

*Ticket Exchange is available on most, but not all events.

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